About Our Products

Charlene’s Hairipy is a homemade hair product business. Using natural butters and oils in high concentration and the minimum amount of chemicals.  This business was founded on the basis that “Natural is best”. The products on the market today and from the GP didn’t prevent the owner’s dandruff and itchy scalp.

Using more and more chemicals to try and combat the issues wasn’t working, it only making the scalp more sensitive and prone to hair loss. To find a solution she studied and experimented until she found the perfect formulas for her requirements. All her hair issues are now managed and now it’s time to share the wonderful products with the community. The products are of high quality and good enough for retailing. Charlenes Hairipy takes a pro natural hair stance and believes society should embrace natural more.

Charlene’s Hairipy is passionate about caring for the environment, recycling and using environmental friendly ingredients. Using suppliers that approve of ethical ways of working such as Shea Butter Cottage and Akoma.

All products are made solely by the owner of Charlene’s Hairipy from start to finish and no pre bases are used.


Natural Ingredients

We are launching a new vegan hair syrup made from essential oils and natural butters. We will still have 6 special order products these are  Clay Bars, Argan Oil treatment, Nourishing Hair Cream, Beard Cream, Hair Balm and Conditioner. These 6 products will be available on  limited edition offers throughout the year.

All the products contain African Butters and Oils such as unrefined Shea Butter, Moringa Oil , Manketti Oil , Marula Oil and Coconut Oil because they are loaded with antioxidants, healing properties and soothing properties.

Manketti Oil – Grown in Niger, Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe and many more African places. It is rich in minerals, high vitamin C , E and linoleic acids.

Mongongo oil /Manketti is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are known to remain on the skin longer than saturated fatty acids (think coconut oil) . It acts as a Skin and hair protector from UV rays. Each seed contains a good amount of vitamin E (an antioxidant that helps stave off skin damage and signs of aging), as well as nutrients like calcium, copper, and zinc. You will find this in my Nourishing Cream

Marula Oil – Produced in Southern Africa. Rich in Omega 6 and 9. High in antioxidants including tocoherols, tochotrienol and Vitamin C.

Shea Butter – From East Africa. Contains Vitamins, Antioxidants, it is high in Vitamin E. Shea butter and Cocoa butter are very similar. The differences are the smell, the texture and cocoa butter is edible it’s used to make chocolate. You will find shea butter in my nourishing cream cream and conditioner

Coconut Oil – Comes Philippines, Nigeria and Ghana and various other Countries. It is extracted from coconut palms. It is full of antioxidants; it is a therapeutic skin moisturiser that aids in alleviating dryness.

Moringa Oil – Found in African and India. It contains 22 amino acids, antioxidants, Vitamin B and D.

Aloe Vera – Native to north Africa but can be found in the Caribbean. Has been used for more than 6000 years because of its healing properties earthly fragrance.

Cocoa Powder – Comes from cacao beans and has plenty of flavanol antioxidants.


Other Ingredients

Hibiscus Flower – Found in Asia and the Caribbean. Helps repair skin and hair, stimulates.

Vitamin E – this antioxidant helps protect skin against free radical damage caused by pollution.

Carrot Seed Oil – Rich in Vitamin A and E. Promotes hair growth and prevents split ends.

Cocoa Butter – the texture of the butter is hard. Its easily absorbed and softens skin. Rich in Vitamin E, polyphenols and hysterols. Cocoa Butter is an awesome source of healthy omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids, in addition to containing natural antioxidants and nutrients that can support the immune system and promote healthy skin. Cocoa butter is a healthy fat, mostly saturated . You will find cocoa butter in Shampoo Clay Treatment.

Neem Powder – Found in South Asia. It alleviates dandruff, dry skin and ring worm. Has antibacterial and antiseptic properties

Bentonite Clay – It is the sodium type idea for cleansing and detangling hair.

Kaolin Clay – Soft white gentle hair cleanser

Jojoba Wax – High in fatty acids, Vitamins and Minerals. Jojoba wax is a wonderful alternative to beeswax and artificial thickeners, jojoba wax is naturally derived and pacted with beneficial fatty acids, vitamins and minerals – much like jojoba oil – in a solid form.

It is an eco-friendly, biodegradable and gentle wax, making it not only an excellent cosmetic ingredient for skin care, but can be used on sensitive, mature and problem skin guilt-free. Jojoba oil contains vitamin E, B-complex vitamins and the minerals silicon, chromium, copper and zinc, making it incredibly nourishing and beneficial for all skin types. You will find it in my Hair and Skin Balm.

Jojoba oil is non-toxic, non-comedogenic and non-allergenic. This means that it will not clog pores and will not cause any allergic reactions. It is also not an irritant, so it can safely be used around the eyes and on the skin. In addition to that, it does not cause a greasy feeling when used on the skin like other oils do.

It contains many different varieties of tocopherols which make up Vitamin E and many other natural minerals. Vitamin E is well known for promoting healthy and clear skin.

Jojoba oil is an antioxidant and protects you from the damaging effects of free radicals, which is believed to contribute or cause various chronic diseases and cancer.

Most bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus and the fungus Candida albicans cannot reproduce and die when they come into contact with jojoba oil.

You will find it in my Leave in conditioner


Cupacau Butter – produced in South America has a silky glide and texture.

Cupuacu Butter improves the appearance prematurely aging and thinning skin while being a superior moisturizer with great water absorption. It offers high levels of essential fatty acids, which with its rich phytosterols, help the appearance of your skin’s elasticity and overall appearance of your skin. Cupuacu’s incredible creaminess promotes a special softness and smoothness to your skin to boosts natural moisture and help your skin appear more elastic.

Cupuacu promotes smoothness and softness to the hair and skin increasing the natural moisture and elasticity. The butter has proven to be beneficial for brittle, dry hair due to it’s long lasting hydration properties to replenish moisture while promoting a healthy shine. Cupuacu is considered hydrophpllic (water loving) with a high capacity to retain water and prevent moisture loss. You will find it in my Hair & Skin Balm

Mango Butter – Semi hard pale white, it is similar to Shea Butter in appearance. It is High antioxidants, polyphenols, caffeic acid, quercetin and mangiferin – anti fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Mango butter has a composition resembling Shea butter and Cocoa butter with a slightly different fatty acid content. Mango butter smells slightly sweet and fatty in its natural form; the refined butter that we offer smells very mild, lending itself well to incorporation within cosmetic and body care creations. It generally has a rich creamy color and is hard at room temperature. Mango butter has natural emollient properties. Mango butter is a great source of essential fatty acids, and has beneficial moisturizing properties for lotions and acts as a mild lubricant for the skin. You will find it in my Hair and Skin Balm

Murumuru Butter – Light but nourishing with anti-inflammatory and bactericide properties, powerful emollient properties

Sweet Almond Oil – Produced in Asia and Mediterranean.  Taken from the Almond tree it is full of Vitamin E, Mono-saturated Fatty acids, Proteins, Potassium and Zinc.

Almond oil is one of the best oils for hair and skin care. It has got lots of nutrients and beneficial properties which make it such a powerful cosmetic ingredient. It can help one get rid of dark circles in weeks. Sweet almond oil is also safe to ingested internally.

Anti-Inflammatory – It reduces inflammation topically and also when ingested.
Anti-oxidant – Almond oil possesses mild antioxidant capacity.
Immune Booster – Topical as well as internal application of sweet almond oil boosts immunity and provides robust protection from various diseases.
Anti-hepatotoxic – Almond oil is known to aid the liver in eliminating toxins. This is also performed by castor oil.
Emollient – excellent moisturization property. It is used to eliminate excessively dry skin.
Sclerosant – Used to treat vascular issues like spider veins, hemorrhoids and varicose veins.
Laxative – promotes defecation and relieves constipation. This laxative action is mild as compared to stronger laxatives like castor oil.
Analgesic – almond oil is mild pain reliever
Muscle Relaxation – massage with almond oil soothes stressed and sore muscles.
Cicatrizant – helps wounds heal faster.
Anti-dandruff – it dissolves away dandruff from the scalp. You will find it in Hair and Skin Balm

Olive Oil – Anti-inflammatory properties, promotes a healthy scalp, prevents dandruff and sensitive skin.

Argan Oil – From the nut argan tree in Morocco . Natural polyphenols and antioxidants helping to give skin softening properties as well as unusual phystosterols which give its anti-inflammatory properties. High in Vitamin E, antioxidants and essential lipids that naturally help protect  skin, minimise  the appearance of lines and combat  dryness. Easily absorbed in the skin and strengthens cuticles whilst.

Castor Oil – pale yellow from castor beans – reduces hair loss, natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. High in vitamin e, minerals, protein omega 6 and  9. Castor oil can be used on the scalp to help prevent and remedy hair loss and it is effective at this for several reasons. It’s antibacterial and anti fungal properties make it beneficial against follliculitus, dandruff and scalp infections and its ricinoleic acid content helps increase circulation to the scalp and improve hair growth.

Ricinoleic acid is also said to help balance scalp pH which can also help replenish the scalp’s natural oils and undo some of the damage of harsh chemical hair products (and even damage from no-poo, due to over alkalinity). The antioxidants in castor oil also support the keratin in hair and help make hair stronger, smoother and less frizzy.

Avocado Oil (unrefined) – from the persea Americana Fruit. Replenishes hair with vitamins, prevents hair loss moistures hair and scalp and helps prevent dandruff.

Carrot Seed Oil  –  is underrated, it improves elasticity and rejuvenating skin. Relieves acne, psoriasis and eczema. Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and prevents free radical damage for heathier skin. Contributes to brilliant shine.


My Hair products

Charlene’s Hairipy products are vegan and made to a high quality and are kind to skin. Most of them can be use daily and contain healing properties which will help with dandruff, sensitivity and hair loss.

  • Sulphate free
  • Paraben free
  • Silicone free


As a small business I compliment my boutique with natural hair care books to empower the children and other products that are inspired by Africa. Have a browse and support my business today.