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Hair books selection

£5.99£18.99 £5.99£18.99

Dispatched within one week. If you’re ordering only one book contact me for a single book delivery coupon discount. Order by 10th December to guarantee Christmas delivery.

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Choose from a selection of hair books

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Hair books

Toloni’s Hair, Happy Hair, Kenkai Hair, Hair like mine, Empress Hair, My Hair is not nappy it’s unique, my lovely hair, I love my hair, drats my hair, hair oooo, my hair is too big, love your hair, Hair adventures, my hair curls, short hair, bad hair day, Audrey’s Hair, Satana’s colouring book, Daddy do my hair 1, Daddy do my hair 2, nappy Hair, Hair like mine colouring book, how I wear my hair, mummysgorgeous hair, Color my fro, fabulous hair, hair like mine colouring book and activities, Hair colouring book, Jordan Hair, William Hair cut


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